Do you love to help people? Are you the caregiver in your tribes? Are your bags/backpacks/cars/personal possessions often full of tools, food, herbal remedies & other various handy articles "just in case" someone needs something? Do you often pull over to help people who seem broken down? Is it hard for you to walk by a stranger that looks distraught? Do you live to be of service to other people? If so then you might be a LOVEBEET!

The LoveBeets are a worldwide group of self proclaimed Fluffers whose greatest pleasure is to spread love & to really help others wherever they happen to go. Burning Man 2016 is on the horizon, and the LoveBeets really hope to expand our fluffing camp in order to be able to service more builders and their camps on playa. We are a very special mobile fluffing camp that arrives fresh and ready to relieve workers in various camps all over the playa by providing their builders with delicious food, water, caffeine, electrolytes, massages, sunblock, building assistance, unloading assistance, hugs, smiles, shade & any other relief we can during the build week (& sometimes Burn week as well). We do our very best to show up & lighten everyone's loads & spirits! Last year we were completely booked & this year we are hoping to expand in order to bring even more smiles to more camps. We are a very fun, loving, hardworking & caring crew that takes care of each other. Our love literally beets across the playa!


    • Need to love to love
  • -Hardworking, timely, responsible, fun loving, organized

    • Must be able to see things through to the finish
    • Must love to give hugs & smiles
    • Be able to attend at least Monday-Saturday of BM Build week (August 22 - 27)
    • DRAMA-free (we like opinions & open dialogue, but we also like to do it in a chill sort of way & take this very seriously!)
  • -


    • Besides sharing your heart and love with amazing artists and builders from around the world while you personally help them with their own projects?
    • Well, you'll be on playa during build week
    • We'll provide you with most of your water, food and drinks for build week
    • There's the possibility of shade provided if you wish to camp with us! (we are super rad & fun!).
    • use of the LoveBeets kitchen
  • Camp Dues are approx $250/pp & as we mentioned this includes most of your water & food for build week (it ALL goes to water, food & fluffing supplies) Also there may be a discount for those who can stay for tear down (September 5-7) when we ALSO like to show up to help others in our magical, beautiful, LOVEBEET ways.

  • Also if you have a camp/installation that would like to be fluffed by the LoveBeets, please PM me with what day your crew will be arriving on playa, your addy (I understand you may not know this yet, but when you do) & any special needs of your crew (aka, "Wed will be an extra hard day because we will be erecting the tower" or "help unloading the truck on Tues would be great" or "we are all Vegans!") & I will get you on our schedule!! (The earlier the better with this as our LOVE SCHEDULE fills up fast!).

By NakedJen, Monday, February 29, 2016 at 9:24 AM. Last built on Mon, Feb 29, 2016 at 9:49 AM. Welcome back my friends to the show that never ends.