I don't leave #Korea for a few more days, but my life here is absolutely closing up shop, pulling down the shades, sweeping up the crumbs and hopefully, just hopefully, leaving behind a few hearts touched and changed.

Tonight I'm hosting the last of what has become one of my favourite things that I've done during my social experiment here, my Sunday Night at the Movies. It's a gathering in our apartment where we all watch a film and then discussion inevitably follows. There's popcorn and snacks and people show up in their pajamas(!!) and it is, well, delightful. The kind of thing I wish could happen more frequently in my life no matter where I happen to find myself on the planet.

Let's face it. I am a social girl. I like to gather together with people who have interesting stories to share and to hear them. I like to learn knew things. I always like to be exploring and figuring out a new solution to even the oldest of problems.

Which is why I've also so very much appreciated what I've dubbed my SOUL WEDNESDAYS. I don't think anyone could ever truly explore and sort out and discover every little surprise that Seoul has to offer. The city is a present that is just wrapped up and waiting for you to untie its big technicolor bow whenever you're ready. No matter which alleyway you happen to choose, what subway stop you dare to exit, if you go this way instead of that way, there is always, ALWAYS something delightful to not only entertain you, but educate you and remind you that not only are you not alone, but that we are, yes we are, all humans and sharing a very small blue planet together.

This morning my professor booked his own plane ticket back to Salt Lake City. When he first booked his ticket to come here, last year, I did the most logical thing I knew to do and spent nearly a month in the desert so his absence, 6,000 miles away, might not be felt so immediately. I sought solace in the company of 70,000 friends and strangers in a place where delightful surprises and the lessons you might need to learn would meet you head on as you bicycled out beyond the orange trash fence. It doesn't matter how far you cycle, you know, or how far you wander to get lost, your own soul is always tucked right there with you. You can not leave it or the people who love you the very most behind.

I may be leaving Korea in a few days, but there's a part of me that will now always be here. I've left a lot of footprints here, but Korea has left far more than that on my soul and in my heart. Unexpected, most assuredly. But quite welcome.

This journey, this entire journey, for all of us, has mattered.

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