This morning, I was lucky enough to purchase tickets for what might just be the final and last hurrah for the remaining living members of the Grateful Dead. They have decided to reunite because this is the 50th anniverary of their first collaboration and even though Jerry Garcia is no longer with us, along with other wonderful members of the bad, as well, those of us who like this sort of thing are obviously still willing to show up and sing the songs whose words are quite literally emblazoned not only on our hearts but also across a lot of our bodies and even in the names of our children and pets. In other words, we have not forgotten who we are, or, more importantly, were and so, for three days on the first weekend in July we'll have one more chance to share smiles, hugs, love and that unidentifiable and intangible spark that we all just "know" and recognize when one stranger is no longer a stranger and instead is absolutely a friend.

I thought, quite honestly, that was all I had to say on the subject. Just pure joy and happiness that I'd be going to Chicago and dancing my little dance that no one else can quite dance and sending my love bubbles up and knowing that like all those other times, this time I'd be there, too, to share the magic and share the love.

As someone who did this for a very long time, who traveled the roads, who sometimes asked, "Why is this band following me?", who gave her heart (and her soul) and the bottoms of her dirty bare feet to taking care of lots and lots of sweet, kind, beautiful friends and family (yes, we were family) all across the globe and who always, always just gave her extra tickets away, it really hurt me to see THIS:

2 TIX for $10,000 being sold on eBay just minutes after the sale ended this morning.

I know times are tough. I get it. But come on. We, as a community of hearts and love and who know all the words to all the songs and all the roads that have led us to all the places where we learned all the things we know, know better. We can do better. We should do better for one another. We just should. I realize there's been panic and consternation and that, honestly, this whole ONE LAST TIME, has not been handled as well as it maybe should have been and there's always a way for things to be done better and we are always still learning, but in that process, along the way, sometimes we should perhaps STOP and say..."Hey, just because we can, doesn't mean we should."

And in this case....we certainly do not need to make $10,000 on a ticket to a show. Any show. I don't care of they were bringing Jerry back from the dead. Today I spent more $ for Grateful Dead tickets than I have ever spent before. Again, I understand that economic times have changed. I realize that market values are different and I am not going to pay $17.50 for a ticket to see a band that makes my spine tingle and my ass jiggle.

I'm looking forward to dancing barefoot with all of you. Singing all the songs we all already know so well. Letting the music tingle my spine. I just hope, I really hope, that your own miracle tickets found you in the ways that are meaningful and how it was meant to be. We all get one more show exactly as we should. I also know that. So, I suppose what I'm saying is, I do really hope you'll be there with me and that come July there are lots of wonderful MIRACLES happening all around me in the parking lot. Hey, it's just the way we do things. xo

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