nakedjen: Sorry the mirror is so dirty! This is my best find at DI ever! Look out Korea! ♥️

my professor:

Oh. My. God. Any way you could send a clearer picture?

And did you get my msg about the kombucha??


I've removed the clothing. I need a photographer.

Wait until you see it in person. Trust me. It is truly remarkable.


my professor: From what I could make out, I agree entirely. And it is on a remarkable body, which makes it that much better.


It is gold and has sparkles and a halter top and I'm not quite sure who in Utah ever wore it?

my professor: Someone who said to herself, "this is NOT for me. I need to take this to DI so nakedjen can find it."

nakedjen: It honestly must have been made for someone in a marching a

baton twirler. Only, of course, I see it and think....OH MY GOD, I'm

going to wear that every day!


my professor: That is one of the many reasons I grin when I think about you.

I get excited over baton twirling outfits to wear grocery shopping and the man grins. You have to love a man who loves me like that.

09/26/14; 12:33:45 AM

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