Give a Little Bit...

LilSalty joined me in the kitchen today and I taught him my secrets to making Clyde's Cookies (you know, Clyde's Cookies, those vegan, organic, cookies that I've been making for years) because the FUTURE needs to know how to make these cookies and let's face it, I'm not going to live forever!

More importantly, I've promised Clyde's Cookies to anyone and everyone who makes a donation to our crowd-funding campaign for my sweet little More Carrot Camp at Burning Man. We're a real farmers market, rising out of the dust on the playa, providing fresh fruits and vegetables and delectable smoothies for our brothers and sisters. And, well, vegan, chocolate chip cookies for those of you who donate because you happen upon this video and because you know and love me.

Even if you do not donate, I still love you. And please know that there's always Clyde's Cookies for you.

Especially now. Because LilSalty has learned my secret. xo

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